About KevinIMG_529575

“Your body is your most priceless possession; you’ve got to take care of it!” – Jack Lalanne

I’ve always been an active individual; my health and fitness are paramount.  Building and maintaining a strong, well-conditioned body requires dedication to a regimen of cardiovascular exercise and weight training, as well as adherence to a healthy diet.

People choose to workout with a personal trainer for a number of reasons.  First, starting an exercise program requires proper guidance in order to maximize results and minimize risk of injury.  Many people rush into weightlifting and either injure themselves, or waste time performing inefficient exercises.  Second, to insure results, exercise programs need to evolve as your body adapts to workout routines.

As a personal trainer, it’s my job to monitor progress and stifle complacency through exercise adjustments.  Additionally, I’ll help establish realistic goals. There’s nothing more motivating than looking in the mirror and literally seeing results.

I’ll teach you proper weightlifting technique to ensure results.  Together we’ll target weak areas, strengthen your core and help you develop confidence. You’ll reach your physical potential and accomplish more than you ever imagined.


About Maggie

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Agatha Christie

AIMG_533214s a 39-year-old mother of two, I’ve always tried to lead a healthy lifestyle. With a passion for running, I mostly focused on cardio throughout my 20’s. Although I was slender, I realized I was also very weak. In my 30’s I began strength training and fell in love with not only my physical transformation, but also by a sudden boost in confidence.

That’s when I decided to say goodbye to my stressful corporate career and become a certified personal trainer. I knew I wanted to pursue my passion for fitness and help other women lead a healthier lifestyle.

I’ve worked very hard to create a non-intimidating atmosphere for women of all ages and fitness levels; it’s important they feel comfortable. I want every woman who walks in our doors to feel they are a part of the Fitness Factor family. A common concern among women is a sense of guilt regarding time spent away from their families in order to train. While some may view this as selfish or unnecessary, I couldn’t disagree more. A mother should lead by example. Living a healthy and physically fit lifestyle is one of the best examples a mother can make.


About Jose

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Joseph AddisonDSC_3763

As a kid, my asthma was so bad I couldn’t run across the street for fear of having an attack. At nine-years-old, I made a conscious decision to build up my stamina and not succumb to my affliction by enrolling in soccer. Slowly but surely, my asthma subsided and at an early age, I learned the value in physical fitness.

Soon, I began boxing and learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ). After competing in BJJ tournaments nationwide, my love for mixed martial arts (MMA) continued to foster, which led to a professional career in the sport. However, after going 2-2 as a pro, it quickly became apparent fighting had taken its toll on my body. Training became increasingly difficult and ultimately led to my retirement at the age of 25.

But as one door closes, another opens; my retirement from MMA coincided with a shift in focus and an infatuation with fitness training. Currently, I instruct Muay Thai and other self-defense techniques at Fitness Factor.