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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglass

Youth Fitness Programs Teach Healthy Habits For Life./strongstrong /strong As parents, we owe it to our children to foster in them an understanding of the true importance of fitness.  Healthy habits like daily exercise, good nutrition and keeping in shape significantly lessen the risk of obesity and catastrophic illness.  Kids are never too young to learn these ideas, and I will preach it to them until they become true believers.  I offer fun, non‑intimidating, non-competitive fitness programs that combine strength and cardiovascular exercises in a structured, supervised format.  My powerful programs provide a high-energy burn for fast results, allowing each child to reach his or her optimum fitness level quickly and safely.

The world has changed since we were young.  Today’s children don’t get half the daily em“workout”/em that you and I did.  Childhood obesity is on the rise, and physical inactivity is the leading contributor.  1 in 3 kids are overweight; 1 in 7 are obese.  Things like video games, fast food, computers, TV, and cuts in school budgets all contribute to the problem – to such a large extent that physicians believe today’s kids could be the first in history to have a life-span shorter than their parents!  But with education and effort, we can begin to reverse this terrible epidemic.  It takes a team effort between parents, teachers, coaches and children.

Why A Personal Trainer?
Because childhood obesity predicts adult obesity with amazing accuracy, parents are wise to encourage healthy habits early.  A personal trainer is a great way to develop healthy behaviors which will become daily routine.  It’s also an excellent way for an overweight child to get immediate results and glimpse first-hand the value and importance of fitness.

Another reason parents hire personal trainers for their kids is to improve sports performance and sports skill training.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids as young as 8 years old can benefit from low-resistance exercise with small weights, and actually grow stronger, with little risk of injury.  I provide the direction, structure, and strategies to help create habits of healthy living which will have a tremendous impact on your child’s life.

The Three Pillars Of Fitness:  Endurance; Strength; Flexibility 
During aerobic exercise the heart beats faster and we breathe harder – over time this increases endurance.  Regular aerobic activity for continuous periods of time strengthens the heart and improves the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to all its cells.  Kids who are active will:

have stronger muscles and bones;
be leaner because exercise helps control body fat;
be less likely to become overweight;
decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes;
possibly lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels;
have a better outlook on life.

Healthy Mind and Body
Physical activity helps you keep fit, mentally and physically.  By involving children in the fun and dynamic fitness programs I offer, you can help them maximize not just their physical potential, but their intellectual capacity as well.  Besides enjoying the health benefits of regular exercise, kids who are physically fit sleep better and are better able to handle physical and emotional challenges — from sprinting to catch the bus to problem-solving in the classroom.

Lastly, but perhaps most important, emself-esteem/em is a vital component of an emotionally-healthy child.  A child with poor self-image can quickly lose sight of who they really are.  By supporting ideals like physical fitness, you can decrease the chances of kids choosing unhealthy behavior that could result from low self-esteem, including emjoining the wrong crowd/em, emsubstance abuse/em, and empromiscuity/em.

Give us a call and let’s get your child started on learning positive behaviors that will last a lifetime!

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